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a bound to close guantanamo, president obama signs the national defense authorization act barring use of federal funds to transfer guantanamo prisoners to u.s. soil. 166 prisoners remain in guantanamo, which opened 11 years ago this week. 86 of them have been cleared for release. today we look at the case of one man, al jazeera's sami al-hajj, the only journalist held at guantanamo. held by the u.s. military for more than six years without charge, sami al-hajj was reportedly tortured repeatedly tortured, attack by dogs, hung from the ceiling. in january 2007, he began a hunger strike that lasted 438 days until his release. >> i go on hunger strike for many reasons. we are held in guantanamo without charge, without cause. they did not give us a chance to go to court about our case. >> today, a "democracy now!" exclusive, an extended broadcast interview with sami al-hajj from the headquarters of al jazeera in doha. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. a u.s. drone attack has killed eight people in the paki
announcer ] halls. let the cool in. >>> only two weeks to go now until the obama administration begins, the second obama administration. two weeks to go until the ceremonial swearing in of president obama and vice president biden at the u.s. capitol. it will happen on monday, january 21st. now, that is also martin luther king day. interesting, though. the constitution says the president has to be sworn in specifically on the 20th day of january, not the 21st. but the 20th of january falls on a sunday this year. so they have decided to do this as kind of a two-step. on sunday, the 20th, chief justice john roberts will swear in president obama for his second term. but they'll do it at an official, small ceremony at the white house at noon on sunday. the following day, on monday, that will be the whole pomp and circumstance giant event. but that second swearing in ceremony, the big one on the dais with everybody there, that is going to be ceremonial, because the real one will have happened the day before. it's kind of weird, right? that this is the second time president obama and chief ju
by the end of the week. publicly, jay carney avoided getting ahead of president obama. >> i don't have a timetable for any other personnel announcements but i have no new information. or any change information on secretary geithner departure. >> sources say lew is up with of the president's favorites because of the sharp knowledge of the federal budget and no drama style. capitol hill republicans say lew gained a reputation for being arrogant and rigid in the 2011 dead ceiling fight. the top republican predicts a bumpy confirmation process because lew is too political in the capitol hill testimony. >> he refused to acknowledge basic financial certainly and spun numbers in a way that benefited president. he did not show credibility he wants in the cabinet position. >> the confirmation is likely to come in middle of the series of budget battles when congress would be asked to increase debt ceiling. >> congress can limit the debt. and should not allow the e a budget plan from the white house. and the democratic senate. >> but they would prefer congress sort out this. >> this is not a deal
on the show. thank you for coming. all right. less than two weeks away from the start of president obama's second term, and there are big changes to come to his administration. you probably heard about some of them. major players headed for the exits are out the door had been pushed out as is the case with former cia director david patraeus. for most of these positions, the president has told the city wants to take over, senator john kerry for secretary of state, former senator chuck hegel for defense secretary and adviser john brennan for the cia. for my money his potential pick for treasury secretary has be scratching my head. white house chief of staff jet blue. here he is right here. fox news sources say that announcement to replace tim geithner could come by the end of the week. all but a done deal. but what experiences he had that would make him right for the job? the 57-year-old is not a veteran of wall street, not an economist. he is a lawyer, and, of course cannot politician. he began his career on capitol hill eventually becoming an adviser to former house speaker tip o'neill.
got out of my sickbed to go down for the announcement in the east room. president obama coming out at 1:10 and announcing the final two members of the national security team. last week he nominated john kerry, a great choice to be secretary of state. yesterday, he presented to the world his next two picks. >> obama: to help meet the challenges of our time, i'm proud to announce my choice for two key members of my national security team. chuck hagel for secretary of defense and john brennan for directorror of the central intelligence agency. >> bill: the president was adamant in his praise of hagel who the president befriended when he was a member of the senate traveled with him to iraq and afghanistan, got to know him as independent centrist moderate, republican. and was willing to stand up to the leaders of his own party and say they were wrong. originally voted for the war in iraq but then quickly decided we were in a mission that we -- that we were way beyond our original mission and was a bit critic of the war in iraq. president obama saying this is a man who will give our men
sides are gearing up for a fight on the debt ceiling. president obama said last week he won't negotiate and some republicans won't raise the debt ceiling without getting their spending cuts. the coin may be a big fat joke but it's not about the coin when you think of this, it's reflectiveysfunctional it is on capitol hill, they're creating a magic coin to solve the u.s. debt crisis? come on. >> i'd like to have my own personal trillion-dollar coin to pay off all my debts no matter what anyone else says. >> print your face on it, right? >> no, i want your face on it. >> okay, deal. >> thank you, alison. >>> her life was cut short more than a year ago, now the uk has opened a second probe into the death of amy winehouse. we'll head to london for a life report. hi. i'm henry winkler. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the w
, as the government reaches its debt ceiling and can't borrow any more money. president obama wants to lift that ceiling. the republicans don't. and it appears we're heading for another "thelma and louise" ride to the edge. remember -- they went over. we'll discuss that possibility next week with paul krugman, the nobel laureate in economics and "new york times" columnist whose bestselling book, "end this depression now!" calls for full employment as an alternative to austerity. read it, then send us the question you would like me to put to paul krugman. meanwhile, another reality beckons and there's a menace more threatening than the fiscal cliff ever was. what should really be scaring the daylights out of us -- the crisis which could make all the others irrelevant -- is global warming. get this one wrong and it's over -- not just for the usa, but for planet earth. that's the message delivered by hurricane sandy, and by almost all the extreme weather of the past two years. and here in the first month of the new year, it's the message from the most informed scientists in the world. they're
. the future of the u.s. troop residency in afghanistan is front and center this week. president obama expected to meet afghanistan's president, hamid karzai at the white house friday. focus to make sure there's a smooth security handover to the afghan government when nato forces leave afghanistan next year. it's still unclear how many u.s. troops will remain to train afghan security forces and focus on counterterrorism. chris lawrence outlines the proposals for the transition. >> reporter: the options are on the table. at the low end, a little more than 6,000 troops, mostly special operations forces hunting terrorists with a small amount of training for afghan forces. the 10,000 option would still focus on al qaeda, but would add conventional troops to expand afghan training. a 15,000 option would include even more conventional troops to go on limited patrols and give afghans even more support. some experts say, forget that last option. 15,000. >> it's not politically tenable in congress, it's not doable of a budget execution perspective. >> reporter: analyst stephanie sanok worked in baghdad
a day 50+. >>> in less than two weeks, roberts will swear in president obama for his second term in office. as many as 800,000 visitors will be in washington for the inauguration. and crews are hard at work for the inaugural platform outside the capitol. it's a big day and the president set a big agenda to match it. he plans to tackle immigration, gun control, climate change, and tax reform in his second term. and with four years in office under his belt, this president knows what he wants and he's confident he'll get it. joining me now is democratic strategist margie omero and victoria defrancesco soto, a fellow at the university of texas and an msnbc contributor. thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thanks, rev. >> victoria, how does the president keep the momentum from his re-election going into the second term? >> he keeps the momentum going by focusing on the big picture and in particular the big global picture. so we know that in 2012 and 2008 he got elected to foresee change. and in particular change from the bush era policies of involvement in the middle east. we saw
, and later a blood clot in her head. let's bring in elise labott. >> wolf, it will be the week of january 21st. president obama's inauguration is on the 20th. it may not be exactly the same day after the inauguration. the committee staffers on the senate foreign relayings committee are aware of the optics here. they don't know if they want to have the benghazi hearing the day after the inauguration. it might slip a day. it does hold up the confirmation for kerry to replace her. >> we were all happy to see her back to work. she's working once again today. what are you hearing? >> she's apparently back at work. full schedule. she met today over lunch with national security adviser tom donlan and leon panetta. aides say that she's back, on top of her brief asking a lot of questions indicating that she was doing a little bit of work while she was home resting but she also made clear to her staff that she wants all of those recommendations on that independent panel implemented or on the way to being implemented before she testifies before congress. >> senator lindsey graham of south carolina says
in this last election term. they set one major priority, to defeat barack obama. in a couple weeks you will see an inauguration. barack obama is get egg ing inaugurated again. shows you the power of the nra. in our case, we went against three members and in our cases the opponents won. ow can beat the nra. all you have to do is accept reasonable restrictions. nobody is trying to take away your gun or right to go hunting or target shooting or protection in your home. certainly have reasonable things so people aren't killed. you saw this woman talking about her 9-year-old daughter. every parent sits there and thinks, if it was my kid. gabby giffords in the office in the office two years later still struggling in rehab. >> to hear from joe scarborough, the host of the show, change his view live on the air about this. you see joe mention coming out. you just saw a general talking about the fact that there is no place in our society here in america for these guns that blow up inside a human being's body. i think we're getting somewhere but i think it will be, dan senor, a long haul when you get to t
elementary school sparked an obama administration push to prevent gun violence. vice president joe biden is leading the administration's effort and plans a series of meetings this week with gun owners, victim organizations and the videogame industry. the president faces a challenge from the national rifle association and its supporters. a group of gun rights advocates in washington is planning a gun appreciation day just two days before the president's second inauguration. >> get people to support the second amendment, show up to their gun ranges, show up to the gun shows, show up to the gun stores, buy a few bullets, shoot a few bullets. >> reporter: the white house says the president wants to outline a gun violence plan during his state of the union address. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >>> he was kicked out for coming out. now a bay area boy scout may be allowed to get scouting's highest honor after all. ryan an dreessen's eagle scout application was denied because of his sexual orientation. but after his story made headlines and a pet
every week now. >> that's leadership. >> stephanie: yes. unless obama agrees to trillions of sending cuts outright. if cracks are forming in the republicans offensive, democrats don't have to resort to unconventional means. we'll see what adam schiff thinks about this. because he knows a little something about something. >> he does. >> stephanie: bob in boston you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, bob. >> caller: how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: any time people want to put guns in schools, why don't you just respond by saying fort hood. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: how come so many people died at fort hood at the hands of one shooter. >> stephanie: columbine also there was an armed guard. yeah, that's just a ridiculous idea. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: that's just dumb. okay. twenty-nine minutes after the hour. charlie pierce next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one
in the private school. i don't know what to tell you because while we were gone in just three weeks everything happened ever. tragedies, incompetency. i don't know even know where to [bleep] start tonight. gun debate? hillary clinton's fake fake brain blood clot? barack obama is filling up his cabinet with old white guys and republicans like chuck hagel? meanwhile some republicans are up with the hagel pick because of his possible antigay views. the democrats are filling in with the old white guys and the republicans are helping the the gays. i can't wait to see what the daily show is going to do with that story. there's no time. there's too much. dam damn you mayans. why couldn't the world have ended when you said it was going to end because that's what i was planning on. now i've got three trillion cans of creamed corn in my basement. waaa! we're going to get to all that in the next week or two because after that we have a two-month midwinter hiatus. but we have to start somewhere. here we go. our top story tonight, world renown thes pee and gerard depardieu has decided to depart france. (mu
lining up against the former republican senator chuck hagel weeks before president obama nominated him for the secretary of defense position. now that haguele is officially the pick some lawmakers in the president's own party don't seem that thrilled either including ben cardin who says senator hagel will have to clarify some of the things he's said in the past. senator cardin, nice to see you sir. >> it's good to be with you, thank you. >> you clearly have reservations about chuck hagel. what would you say is your biggest issue with him? >> i wanted to get an explanation about his position in regards to iran. he's been reluctant to support tough sanctions against iran. iran's an extremely dangerous country. senator hagel and i served together. he's a good position. i agree with his positions with regards to iraq. i believe the president should be able to have his team, but the advice and consent of the senate is a very important responsibility. we have to do it independently and there are questions that need to be answered. >> he says now that when he used the phrase "jewish lobby" he
] congress is up this week but president obama at the white house today. meeting today with hillary clinton and leon panetta. is president joe biden returns tomorrow and resumes deliberations with his taskforce on gun violence. the team, made that a new -- may back a new assault weapons ban. this is it a press reports he will meet with gun violence victims groups and gun safety organizations. also, he will talk to gun ownership groups as well as advocates for sportsmen. coming up in half an hour work, we will bring you a discussion on debt and deficit reduction and the fiscal cliff agreement reached by congress last week. the panel includes several people. new jersey gov. chris christie in his state of the state address. one topic he is expected to address, funding for hurricane than the relief effort. last week congress approved flood insurance aid. lawmakers are expected to take up an additional 50 billion in the coming weeks. that is live at 2:00. we will show it to you at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> i think that collectivization of the minds of america's founding fathers is project reall
will hit the debt ceiling february 15th, weeks before the treasury said we would it it. president obama says, quote, we do not have a spending problem. interesting situation. check the market, dow industrials down 55 points. take a look at the big board. 55 points down. sears is down again. nicole: the ceo at ambrosia is stepping down and lambert moving into the role temporarily. here is the stock down 7-1/4%, some good sales recently, same-store sales, analysts say they were not as bad as they were anticipating. despite the s&p sales numbers we are seeing stock moving dramatically to the downside down 7-1/4%. stuart: well said. a new study says that college professors have the most stress free jobs in the country. a month off in winter, the entire summer off, yearlong sabbaticals full repay. at 10:35 we will ask a college professor is that really the case? i am about to make myself wildly unpopular in some circles. here's my take on the flu. we are told it is an epidemic, it is sweeping the country, record numbers coming down for the nastiest flu bug in years. some of you watching this
news is confirming president obama is expected to nominate jack lieu the white house chief of staff in that position. it will likely happen by next week. they will have to confront the debt ceiling. lew was white house director back in 2011. the search will resume this morning for two teenagers who fell through a frozen lake in new jersey. neighbors say they heard people yelling for help last night. they saw the boys struggling down in the water. two neighbors tried to help the boys but they had to turn back because it was too dangerous. crews searched for hours last night. so far no signs of the boys. >>> the preliminary hearings for the accused gunman in colorado continues today. haunting details about the july hooting were revealed including that holmes bought his movie ticket 12 days before the movie. veteran officers fought back tears as they described stepping over their victims inside that theater and rushing them to the hospital. dozens of survivors and victim's families packed into the courthouse. for many it was the first time facing that shooter. >>> stress. honestly you
there from u.s. trust. it's chris hizy with us from new york. >> tom: in just a few weeks the debate over government spending cuts will heat up. the defense industry is one of those targeted, and today president obama nominated former rebublican senator chuck hagel as his next secretary of defense. hagel is a decorated vietnam veteran and former businessman. the president called him, "the leader our troops deserve." >> as a successful businessman he also knows that even as we make tough fiscal choices, we have to do so wisely, guided by our strategy, and keep our military the strongest fighting force the world has ever known. >> tom: hagel's not a shoe-in for the position. he's received criticism for his record on israel, iran, and gay rights. current defense secretary leon panetta says he will retire when his replacement is approved by the senate. >> tom: tonight we begin a new weekly series here on nbr. we partnered with some of the nation's top universities to bring you the best research on business, the economy and investing. we call it nbru. now our partners in this combine over 400
for march. president obama nominated former nebraska republican chuck hagel to head up the defense department and john brennan to take over at the cia. hamid karzai is coming to washington later this week, the headlines this morning about president obama's foreign policy agenda for 2013 -- we want to hear from you -- what are the challenges in 2013 on the foreign-policy front? the numbers are on your screen. send us a tweet or post your comments on facebook. also send us an e-mail. we are getting your reaction today to the nominations put out by the white house yesterday. president obama had a news conference to put forth chuck hegel as well as the john brennan. to head the cia. also, there are the headlines in the newspapers of syria, iran, peace in the middle east, etc so we want to get your take -- what to you think of foreign policy issues in 2013? here is some comments on our facebook page -- what is your take on this? we will get to your comments in a minute. the front page of "the washington post "- here is the front page of the huffington post this morning -- these are all
will likely replace him. president obama is expected to nominate jack lieu who we haven't heard much from lately. it will happen by the end of this week. the next treasury secretary will have to confront the debt ceiling. >> brian: criminalton tide on a roll. alabama crushing notre dame 42-14. i didn't expect to be this easy. runningback lacey was phenomenal, named mvp. their second title and third in the last four years. second title in a row. saban now with four national championships. even quarterback a.j. mccarron, who was great, had four touchdowns. he wasn't the star. they seemed his girlfriend was the standout on the show. >> you quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women. what a beautiful woman. wow. a.j. is doing some things right. security. >> start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard. >> brian: they're talking about katherine webb, who you see right there. she's the reigning miss alabama. a.j. mccarron clearly not minding she went to auburn. by the end of the game, she had more twitter followers, 82,000, than the quarterback on the alabama team, wher
partnership. president karzai will be here this week in d.c. visiting president obama, and i suspect they'll be talking about something that is a durable, long-term, sustainable relationship which allows us to help without allowing us to do too much. >> have you seen the movie "zero dark thirty" yet? >> i have. i think the depiction of the raid really captures -- i went on about 150 similar raids. it's real in tenor and tone. the second is, they show a decade-long effort by hundreds of thousands of professionals day after day, year after year, despite sacrifices. i think it captures that well. >> you were part of that, and we certainly appreciate your service. >> david, thanks for having me. >> i read your book and very much enjoyed it, his new book called "my share of the task." >> thanks a lot, david. movie streaming brought to the dvd kiosks. could the new announcementing a netflix killer. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to st
the string of mass killings. but since newtown, president obama has commissioned vice president biden and an administration task force to find a way forward. biden is meeting this week with various groups, including a representative of the national rifle association. presidential spokesman jay carney. >> the n.r.a. has certainly been one of the many groups invited. i would leave it to those groups themselves to decide whether to say whether -- to make any comment on their attendance in those meetings. >> reporter: the task force's proposals are due back to the president by the end of next week. after that -- >> the president will decide what he would like to pursue, what he believes is the right course of action. in addition to what he has already called on congress to do which is pass the assault weapons ban, pass legislation that would ban high capacity magazines, pass a bill that would close loopholes in our background check system. >> reporter: meanwhile, in centennial, colorado, this was day two of a preliminary hearing for james holmes who allegedly killed 12 people inside a mov
after hearing. that could take months or a week. back to you. >> thank you. >>> some u.s. senators are furious after president obama nominated former senator chuck hagel to be the new secretary of defense. and as kyla campbell reports, hagel is getting an endorsement that may do more harm than good. >> reporter: dave, several senators say chuck hagel is soft on iran and he's not as committed to keeping the country from developing nuclear weapons. well, today's iran's foreign ministry program says if he leaves the program, he hopes it will improve relations between iran and the u.s. hagel's critics argue he was soft on iran when he served on the foreign relations committee as a u.s. senator. they say iran would welcome him as a leader because they won't fear suffer -- tougher sanctions when this comes to their nuclear program. he has supported u.n. sanctions against iran and believes they are working. hagel says he did not support sanctions that would be imposed by the u.s. alone because he felt that that would just isolate america from having good foreign relations. live in washing
before they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last week. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five, the limited number of $60 particulars to president obama's inaugural ball accidently went on sale a day early and quickly sold out online. no more for you. sorry. number four, president obama set to host the afghan president harmid karzai just a little while ago we learned it will happen friday at the white house. they will discuss the u.s. transition in afghanistan. president obama expected to soon decide what the u.s. role in afghanistan will actually be after 2014. number 3. ten banks have agreed to pay homeowners a combined $8.5 billion. to settle accusations of improper foreclosures. the deal could compensate hundreds of thousands of americans whose homes were seized because of abuses such as robo signing. number 2, a cop in court described trying to save people as they lay pleading and dying during the the killer did not appear to show any emotion. number one, president obama urging the that the to confirm his picks for defense secretary and for cia dire
kucinich and basically the barack obama super pac bill burke. welcome to all. >> jackie, let me start with you. there's a campaign, it's back. also campaign starting up this week. there is a campaign on guns, but this is a campaign both pro and con on chuck hagel. the white house seems pretty engaged on it. walk me through it. >> we haven't had a nomination in a long time. we were sitting in the green room trying to remember what the last one was. >> became really contentious. >> yeah, so, this is going to be interesting. i think at the end of the day, you have a lot of these democratic senators saying okay to chuck hagel. but he has relationships with some of these members that go back a long time. mccain has had a different history with and they were friends and then they weren't and very different views. >> competitive. >> they competitive. >> mavericks in 2002. >> mccain supported hagel in his first bid for senate and hagel is one of the few senators to endorse mccain. >> you know, it's interesting, this personal one-on-one meetings and i believe there's very little margin for err
with conscience. >> greta: this is a fox news alert, president obama is expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack blue as the-- jack lew, a source telling all, but a done deal, an announcement by the end of this week as treasury secretary. and nominated chuck hagel as defense secretary and the treasury secretary nomination would round out the president's cabinet and stay with fox news channel for the latest on this breaking news story. and straight ahead, a shocking rape case that's ripping apart a small town. the accused two high school football players and now disturbing video has gone viral and inciting outrage across the nation. that's next. new information tonight about that infamous map showing where gun owners live and the new outrage. the latest against the newspaper that published it. on the record tracking down the publisher coming up. watch out warren buffett, bill gates and even oprah winfrey, someone is calling for your heads. who got caught on camera suggesting we behead the rich? i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering u
. >>> first, let's go back to josh in miami. >> we're going to begin with the obama administration moving forward with its plan to reduce gun violence. holding a meeting this week with gun groups and the gaming industry to discuss proposals. meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer, former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords and her husband, mark kelly, have announced their own campaign to keep guns out of the wrong hands. two years ago, today, giffords was nearly killed in the tucson shooting rampage. she says she wants to work with politicians to take on high-powered gun lobbyists and fight for responsible changes. and she'll be sharing more details with diane, tonight on "world news" and again on "nightline." >>> meanwhile, the only suspect being held in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya has been freed this morning. authorities in neighboring tunisia have released ali harzi because of a lack of evidence. four americans, including the u.s. ambassador, were killed in september's attack. the investigation in libya remains stalled. >>> some staggering, n
the work, but we don't have the financial resources of our own. after last week's vote, his spokesperson said he was opposed to the bill for aid to the north because it did not include spending cuts. >>> finally, if you thought the international enthusiasm for president obama had waned since 2008, check out the irish. the corgan brothers became a youtube sensation in 2008 with "there's no one as irish as barack obama." ♪ now four years since he said yes we can ♪ ♪ president barack is still the man ♪ ♪ there's been the crisis and lots of drama ♪ ♪ there's still no one as irish as barack obama ♪ ♪ came to ireland to monagle, and he was welcomed by all ♪ ♪ and with cousin henry had a guinness or two ♪ ♪ in january of 2013 the white house will still be just as green ♪ ♪ just like the election in 2008 and poor old mitt romney, well, he'll just have to wait ♪ ♪ o'leary, o'reilly, o'hara, there's still no one as irish as barack obama ♪ >>> up next, the obama administration is moving forward with comprehensive gun control. critics on the right say the solution
: immigration spending surging in the obama white house. gerri willis is on the store next. ashley: plus it's been a week since the fiscal cliff deal and we're so glad we're not talking about it. how long will congress wait to fight the next battle over the debt limit or debt cliff? congressman paul brown and john yarmuth weigh in ahead. the dow is down some 65 points. we'll be right back. >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock to relentlessly protect what matters most... [beeping...] helping stop crooks before your identity is attacked. and now you can have the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today... lifelock ultimate. so for protection you just can't get anywhere else, get lifelock ultimate. >> i didn't know ho
and afghanistan is joining the ranks of those opposed to president obama's choice for defense secretary. our next guest, a conservative republican who was sworn in last week says former senator chuck hagel is not qualified to lead u.s. troops in times of war. let's talk about it now with arkansas congressman tom cotton. congressman, it would seem that a guy who came out of the vietnam war with two purple hearts as chuck hagel did would be a natural at leading troops. you say no. why? >> skwro*b, thanks for having me on. chuck hagel certainly served our country valiantly in vietnam. that isn't be the primary consideration for being the secretary of defense of the. we have to look at his records, votes and statements. he voted us into the war in iraq. in 2006 when it was unpopular he turned his back on the troops. he delayed emergency funding. he called the surge the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in our country's history since vietnam. he said at the height of the surge and success and the fighting in iraq that we were fighting a war for oil which puts him closer to code pink than it does t
. martha: really. bill: maybe not. martha: maybe not. bill: on the topic of money, president obama is settling on the new pick for treasury secretary. he might announce it sometime this week. jack lew would replace timothy geithner if confirmed. prior to this role he was the direct are to you of office of management and budget. before that lew was the first deputy secretary of state and management resources. martha: washington is still reeling from the president's nomination of chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense. new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, one of a chorus of critics slamming the former nebraska senator. she says this. while i deeply respect senator hagel's service in vietnam i'm concerned by several boxes he took as senator, longstanding opposition to increase iran sanctions and his regarding hezbollah and hamas as well as our close al eye israel. senator hagel has one big fan, he has a lot of fans. this one is raising eyebrows the rogue nation of iran. a foreign ministry spokesman calls the nomination, a sign of quote, practical change to american foreign policy
is bad, coming several weeks after a north korean long-range rocket test. in a key moment, president obama nominates chuck hagel to be defense secretary and john brennan to head the cia. in half an hour, hour 2005 interview with than senator hagel. several live events scheduled for c-span tomorrow -- the urban as to post a discussion analyzing the recent debate on the so-called fiscal cliff and what is next in the debate. at noon eastern area at 2:00 eastern, chris christie's stay of the state address. --state of the state address. >> i enjoy the capital coverage. i started there many decades ago. also the certain committee hearings. they are very tempore -- an informative. i liked the way c-span covers and however present itself with what is happening carried a little bit of commentary, but not edited out. >> bill watches c-span on comcast. c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public-service breyer television provider -- buy your television and provider. >> mack, president obama nominates chuck hagel and john brennan. from the white house, this i
conference today. he announced details about hamid karzai's visit. reporters asked about president obama's national security nominations. the defense department, budget, and sequestration. this is 35 minutes. >> good afternoon, everyone and happy new year. like to take this opportunity to provide a preview of the next few weeks here at the pentagon. tomorrow evening, panetta will continue con taugses on israeli defense administration. we will welcome hamid karzai to the pentagon president karzai will receive a full honors welcome. the secretary and president karzai will visit the 9/11 memorial who remember the people who lost their lives when al qaeda attacked the united states. secretary panetta will participate in meetings with president karzai at the white house. this provides the opportunity to discuss the ongoing transition and our commitment to afghanistan following transition at the end of 2014. looking to next week, on monday, secretary panetta will department for a week-long trip to europe. it will take him to spain, italy, and the united kingdom. this provides an opportunity to
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